Some useful ones

  • NCBI PubMed   Step one for biotech research.
  • HelioBLAST   Nice tool to search PubMed abstracts using text similarity algorithm quite different from NCBI. Inspired by the BLAST sequence alignment tool.
  • UCSC Genome Browser  Navigate around the genome, discovering and annotating as you go.
  • Biostars   Bulletin board for hands-on bioinformatics solutions.
  • Stack Overflow   Bulletin board for software questions and answers of all kinds.
  • The Hitchhikers Guide to Python   Resource starting point for best practices with Python.

More for fun (some favorites)

  • Bo Jensen’s Fragrance chemistry page   Beautiful site listing smelly things (like spices and flowers) and the molecules responsible.
  • True Size Of   Interactive tool to overlap maps. Ever ask How does California’s shape compare to the UK?
  • ACME mapper   My favorite site for shaded topographic maps (limited to US).
  • Google Correlate  Amazing what patterns can be found in all Google’s data.
  • Coursera   You’re never too old to learn new things. (Maybe this belongs in the ‘useful’ list?)