How it works

The process of working together is straightforward.

  1. You share what you’re working on and current problems you would like help with. See here for some use-case examples and here to contact us.
  2. If you like, we sign an NDA.
  3. We have an introductory phone call / meeting to discuss details (e.g. of your current situation and what you are hoping for).
  4. If we can help, we provide you with a work proposal, including deliverables, estimated effort and time-lines.
  5. You evaluate the proposal and provide feedback (e.g. modify XYZ or “good to go”).
  6. We both sign an agreed upon work order.
  7. We go to work, sharing updates and possibly asking for clarifications as we go.
  8. You get what you need.

Project deliverables are fully documented and packaged. Documentation will, of course, depend on the type of project but ypically includes slides (e.g. for bioinformatics assay design, statistical analysis). Packaged deliverables can range from simple data tables, to variously processed and formatted data files, to a complete source code bundle with install / use documentation, example test cases, etc.