Welcome to VerdAscend

Enabling biotechnology through computation.

We serve biotechnology R&D efforts, providing computational support for bioinformatics and genomics needs.

Here’s where we can help you

  • Sequence design & processing
    • Assays (e.g. PCR, TaqMan, ligation, etc)
    • Probes (e.g. arrays, capture adapters, etc)
    • Custom indexes (e.g. barcodes / zipcodes)
    • NGS processing (e.g. variant calling, etc)
  • Optimization & troubleshooting
    • Data exploration, failure analysis (e.g. system improvements)
    • Statistical modeling, machine learning (e.g. predictive scores)
  • Process & technical
    • Process automation (e.g. pipeline design, scripting)
    • Technology review, prototype simulations (e.g. business intelligence)
    • Software validation, QC, porting, refactoring, documentation

And here are some clients we’ve worked with